Remember Our Veterans

We as a nation consistently take advantage of our freedom, our beautiful country has everything to offer it’s citizens other countries can only dream of. Yet we are a nation of abusers and complainers, we are constantly destroying our own moral fabric of what makes us great with the idiocies of childish behaviours of wants and needs. Our leaders steal, our neighbours take the street for segregation and separation, businesses destroy our luxurious wildlife and landscapes for the price of a dollar and even our lack of motivation to simply cast a vote. We have the power to make this change, yet we cannot put 10 minutes aside from our daily lives to cast this vote. The heroes gave their lives so we can constantly achieve what is better for all of us Canadians, but we seemingly are forgetting why they went to war.

They died for this country and they died to keep us safe during our darkest hour against those who wish to do us and other nations harm. But many of our leaders and citizens feel they have the right to become everything our heroes fought against through abuse of power, constant corruption and the childish bickering of racial class distinction amongst it’s own citizens.

Can we, for the sake of just one minute, stand back, look in the mirror and for just an instance look at what we are doing to ourselves, our neighbours and to our nation?


Should we be spending that one precious minute to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. They gave us their life so we can live and we should spend the rest of our lives to make the heroes proud of the country they fought for.

Remember why you are allowed to wake up every morning to go to work. Remember why you are allowed to go to the school of your choice. Remember the allowance to practice your faith. Remember the obligation that health care is a human right. Remember that you live in a country where everyone should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, religion and status. Remember these freedoms are not entitlements, they were given to us, earned by the blood of our fallen soldiers.

Unfortunately our heroes are not here to stand watch over us, but their spirit and sacrifice shall never be forgotten. Let’s try to make them proud.

To all the Canadian veterans and veterans around the world.
Lest we forget…